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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Industrial Softwash

People rely on Industrial Softwash for pressure washing in Burlington and the surrounding areas. They also know they can come to us with any questions they have concerning pressure washing. We consider sharing our knowledge of exterior cleaning services a pleasure, of course! When our customers know more about pressure washing, we believe the industry is better off because of it.

Yes! We happily perform pressure washing services for commercial clients. Pay a visit to our commercial pressure washing page to learn more about the services that we offer our commercial clients in Burlington and the surrounding areas.

Our pressure washing work is the most effective way to combat set-in stains and restore the clean look of your exteriors. Pressurized water spray from a pressure washer is strong enough to penetrate deeper than your standard water hose, and it can power through tough stains and build-ups to reveal clean, even surfaces that restore your home's curb appeal. As your expert for pressure washing in Burlington, we'll ensure that unattractive set-in stains don't plague your home for long!

Although home improvement box stores will try to convince homeowners otherwise, DIY pressure washing isn't the best approach to take. This kind of exterior cleaning task can be dangerous and lead to property damage or even personal injury! It's better to leave this work to trained and experienced pros who have safe but effective state-of-the-art equipment.

Yes, our cleaning methods are environmentally safe! Pressure washing is the safest, and most environmentally friendly cleaning method. We guarantee that our services will take care of your property, without causing any unnecessary damage.

Articles & Tips

Articles & Tips

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